Our concept

“Reflect Singapore harmony through food by offering a mosaic of European street food for everyone”

Trendy and casual, playful and cosy, BRIO is our new European street food restaurant, MUIS halal certified to suit everyone. It serves delicious European specialities sourced with high quality fresh ingredients at very affordable price. Indulge in BRIO extensive menu ranging from Tapas, Pizzas, Risottos, Burgers, Pasta and Salads to some chef’s recommendations like 36 Hours Oxtail Risotto, Beef Ragu Pappardelle, Duck & Waffle, Allo Scoglio Seafood Pizza or Salted Egg Truffle Fish & Chips. Finish on a sweet note with the Nutella and Oreo Milkshake to satisfy the craving!

Mastering a mix of industrial design with a cosy south Mediterranean influence using black and white tiles and mismatched chairs, BRIO ambience and decor has a distinct personality that sets the mood for casual fun and easy-going entertainment. It is the perfect stop to grab lunch with colleagues on a work day, the cosy place for family or social gatherings as well as the casual hangout for youngsters to share a meal after an episode of shopping fever at Jurong Point.

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After 15 years spent in the F&B sector in Singapore and as many refining their talents in European cuisine, Ambush founders were ready for a new challenge. They wanted to broaden the Halal food offer on the island by offering European cuisine inspired dishes and boost the Halal F&B sector in Singapore.

BRIO’s concept was born! BRIO intends to offer a mosaic of mouth-watering European dishes for a true pan-European dining experience 100% halal certified to reflect Singapore harmony through food.

Join us at our convenient location at Jurong Point and be welcomed by our friendly staff to make sure you, your friends and family enjoy every moment of your time at BRIO and come back for more.